About Krishna Cow Sanctuary

Krishna Cow Sanctuary, located on the Big Island of Hawaii, is currently home to over 200 bovines, including bull, steers, calves, and retired mother cows. We love and protect cows! Cows are the sacred embodiment of Mother Earth and provide so many benefits to human society!

Unlike commercial dairy, our "Ahimsa" dairy products are produced without any cruelty to the cows and their calves. Lactating mothers are milked only by hand, alongside their nursing calves. We never sell or kill any of our herd, and we are actively rescuing new cows as well.

Our sanctuary is actually a network of over 10 pastures located throughout the Big Island of Hawaii. We network with local landowners, explaining the benefits of grazing cows. Currently our extended herd is grazing on over 130 acres of lush, year-round grass pasture. This unique approach to cow protection allows us to regularly rescue new cows and provide top quality care whilst keeping our costs relatively very low ( generally about 50 cents per cow per day). Still, we have unavoidable costs (mineral needs, occasional supplemental feed, fencing, transportation, fly control, and veterinary costs) and we are eternally indebted to our donors, customers, and supporters. All proceeds go directly to the care of the cows! 

Our obsession with cows and their welfare is based on the Vedic philosophy of Bhakti Yoga, as taught by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.